Lazy Girl's Guide to Curls

November 15, 2017

Curls are known to be a gorgeous elegant style that everyone loves, but so many times I feel like I just don’t have the time or motivation to take a curling iron to my whole head! For all of you lazy girls like me, or the girls on a jam-packed schedule, try these easy and quick ways to get long luscious curls!

Damp Curled Buns

This procedure is super simple and results in gorgeous big wavy curls! All you have to do is take slightly damp hair and section it off into your pieces that you want to be your curls. Then twist them up into small buns all around your head (you can either pin the buns or use small rubber bands to hold them in place). Do this the morning of an event, during the day while you’re working on other tasks, or even the night before… your options are endless! Once they have sat for a while, take the buns out and like magic you have beautiful effortless curls. Pro tip: after you take out the buns, add in some gorgeous pre-curled extensions to add thickness and length to your curls.

Halo Curls

For this one you get to unleash your creativity by using anything from a headband, to a bandana, to even your old t-shirt! If you choose to use a headband, simply put the headband on over the crown of your head leaving the ends down and out under the headband. Pro tip: this procedure works best when your hair is slightly damp! Take sections of your hair and wrap them over and under the headband until all of the hair is pulled back. Repeat this all around the headband for all of your hair. If you decide to use something thicker like a t-shirt or bandana, start by tying it into a circle like a halo. Set the “halo” on the very top of your head and just like the with the headband you will wrap your hair up and around the halo-like band until you reach the very ends. Leave this style in for an hour to 2 hours or even overnight for the best results, and once you take it out you’ll be in awe of the gorgeous curls you’ll have!

Pre-Curled Extensions

Pre-curling your extensions or purchasing already curled styles is the easiest way to get a full head of curls. For Heat-Friendly Synthetic Extensions, such as the 22" Fineline Straight HF Synthetic Extensions by hairdo, curl each piece with your curling iron then pin the curl and let it cool before releasing it. This ensures that the curled style will hold. Repeat this for all of your extensions and then give them a little spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to go. You can also buy extensions that already have a stunning curl to them such as the 23" Wavy Extension by Hairdo.

Overnight Braids

This method might be one of the easiest to do, and it relies on you getting sleep...how awesome is that? You can do this after your shower, or if your hair is already dry just use a little water to get it slightly damp. Pro tip: you don’t want your hair dripping wet when you do this because then it won’t dry overnight and it won’t work properly. Start by parting your hair where you normally would, and french braid both sides of the part… and that’s it!! If you can’t french braid, no worries. I’ve done it with regular braids and it comes out just as pretty, the only difference is the waves start further down your hair. Leave your hair in the braids overnight and you’ll wake up with gorgeous beachy waves. For extra length and fullness, try braiding damp 20" Human Hair Extensions by Hairdo overnight and add them to your natural waves in the morning! 

Ponytail Curls

If you’re in a rush and need some quick curls, we suggest trying this method. Curling your whole head when your hair is down can take what seems like forever, especially if you’re like me and re-curl the pieces multiple times...an easy and quick hack to this is to curl your hair while it is in a high ponytail. Pull all of your hair up on top of your head and use a smaller curling iron to curl small individual sections of the ponytail. Once the entire ponytail is curled, hairspray it, then let it down. Your hair will have stunning loose curls perfect for whatever event you're headed to!