Live Life in COLOR

January 31, 2018

Add a little spunk to your style with a splash of color! Too afraid to dye your gorgeous locks? No worries, we’ve got stunning colored pieces that you can add to your hair without any commitment to the color...you could even have a different color for every day of the week! We know you aren’t boring and your hair shouldn’t be either… so live life in COLOR with these fun and fashionable hair pieces:

Color Splash Pony by Hairdo

Trade in your plain pony for a PARTY pony! The Color Splash Ponies by Hairdo have dip-dyed ends and come in a wide variety of fabulous colors that you can rock at any event. Whether you want a high or low pony, all you have to do is wrap the Color Splash Pony around your regular pony and you’ve transformed your style!

Color Extensions Kit by Hairdo

The Colored Extensions Kit by hairdo give you endless opportunities to brighten up your normal hairstyles with stunning subtle or vibrant colors! The best part is these are heat-friendly synthetic hair so you can style them in a wide variety of ways and create the most enchanting styles. Add curls or waves to create an elegant and trendy look. Choose one color, or mix-and-match for a multi-colored look that’s absolutely magical!

Out of the Blue and Lilac Frost by Hairdo

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed about having unicorn hair....I know I have! But I’m always too scared to commit to fully dying my hair and am afraid of the possible harmful effects it could have. Luckily Hairdo has come out with some amazing spunky colored wigs for all of our magical hair dreams. Feel pretty in pastel with the Lilac Frost wig or be bold and beautiful with the Out of the Blue wig. Whatever color matches your mood, we’ve got a wig for it!

Color Splash Wrap by Hairdo

These Color Splash Wraps by hairdo are highlighted with the hottest colors and can be worn in multiple different ways depending on the occasion and even your mood. Not only is this piece trendy but it’s also extremely easy to use...all you have to do is wrap it around a bun and you have a fabulous look in seconds!