Loving Length

January 31, 2018

Extensions not only give you gorgeous body and volume, but they can take your fav accessories to the next level by giving them the length they're craving! Try these tips and tricks to spiff up your favorite trendy accessories:


Hats don’t just have to be an accessory you throw on when you’re on your fourth day without washing...they can elevate your outfit and be a stylish hair accessory too! From chic felt hats to cute fuzzy beanies, hair extensions will take your favorite trendy hats to the next level. Do you ever feel like you are constantly on the fence about wearing a beanie because you know it’ll keep you warm but it will cover up your gorgeous curls you spent all morning on? Hair extensions, such as the 18” Wavy Extensions Kit, will give you those extra long curls that your beanie just can’t hide! So unleash your unique style by showing off BOTH your trendy hat AND your stunning curls.

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are the fashion accessory of this season, and we are loving the variety of ways you can style them. Wear them as a headband or tie them up around your ponytail, either way extensions will give these looks the perfect finishing touch! If you’re wearing your scarf tied around your ponytail, you don’t want your scarf to awkwardly hang past your ponytail and accentuate your short hair length. For many of us, our hair isn’t long enough to achieve this...but that’s where hair extensions come into play! Try adding in normal clip-in extensions, or save even more time and put in one of our pre-styled ponytail pieces like the 23” Long Wave Pony