Make Thin Hair Appear Thicker... like magic!

November 04, 2017

Thin hair is something you don't get to choose, but you can choose to find ways to make it seem thicker than it really is. If your hair always looks limp or thin, try these magic ways to make it appear thick and voluptuous! 

1. Hair Extensions

This one seems like a given, but hair extensions are probably one of the easiest and most natural looking ways to get your hair to be thicker. Try one of our wide variety of gorgeous clip-in hair extensions to transform your hair from limp and thin to long and luxurious! 

2. Tease

By giving your hair a nice tease at the roots, it'll give your hair more volume and overall make it appear thicker. Take small sections of hair and lightly comb underneath it, but make sure to only comb down towards the scalp and not back up because that will pull and harm your hair. Lastly, give it a little hairspray to hold it in place and then lightly comb over the top to get that smooth appearance. Like magic, your hair will have more volume and appear so much thicker. 

3. Blow Dry instead of Air Dry

Blow drying your hair provides more volume than letting your hair naturally dry because when it naturally dries it is more susceptible to falling flat and drying straight to your head. When you blow dry your hair, you have the control for how it dries and can add that volume you are looking for. The most important tip is to use a round brush because they are best for lifting the roots when blow drying. Then when you're blow drying use small sections and dry them by pulling away from it's natural fall and use a curve pattern. 

4. Style, style, style!

By choosing the right style for your hair, it can help it seem thicker than other styles would. The prime example is curly vs. straight hair. Curls make your hair look thicker than pin straight hair because curls provides texture and volume. When you have thin hair, buns and ponytails can appear to be small and accentuate your thin hair. However, by using one of our bun pieces or ponytail pieces you can transform your hair and have it looking as thick and pretty as ever!