One Hair Wonders

September 21, 2017

One hair wonders? Yes, you heard it right! We’re taking a spin on one hit wonders and bringing back some of the best hairdos from the 90’s. The nostalgia is real as we reminisce on some of our go-to styles from our past. Get your scrunchies ready, because some of these hairdos are making their comeback! Key word: “some”…

Colored extensions

Pink, red, blue, purple, you name it, we put it in our hair. Color streaking hair was a huge hit in the 90’s, and it’s safe to say that this style is still all of the rage. Don’t want a permanent rockstar look? Try our clip in color extensions on our website, throw it in for a fun night out and then easily take them out for your big interview the next day. No commitment to that highlighter pink streak :)

Butterfly clips

Let’s be honest, these babies may never see the light of day again, but you can’t deny that your bathroom drawers were filled with them! I think I had every color under the sun…and then some. My favorite thing to do was grab a handful of these clips and go to town on my hair, I tried to fit as many colored clips as I could. Yes, I left the house like that and yes, I am still mad at my mom until this day for letting me.

Crimped hair

Could crimps make a comeback? Don’t throw out this hot tool just yet…crimped hair is slowly coming back right along with the infamous chokers and platform shoes. This look is so easy it’s a shock that it ever even went out of style, all you need is a crimper tool which you can find at any beauty supply store. Now, we may not get as over the top with this hairstyle as in the 90's but we definitely still think this look could make a statement. Add in heat-friendly extensions for extra length and volume, and then get crazy with the crimping! We’re so ready to relive our childhood through crimped hair!

Spiky hair

We’re bringing out our inner Britney Spears with this 90’s do. Rocking the spiky hair isn’t the easiest look to achieve, unless you visit hairextensions.com where there’s a huge variety of wrap hair pieces that will definitely give you the spiky look you are wanting. Put in one for a little fun, or go all out with double spiky buns. We’re loving all of the options with these spiky bun pieces, hit us baby one more time!

Mini buns

Baby got... buns? Gwen Stefani definitely left her legacy with this hairstyle long before Miley Cyrus came around with her double buns. The 90’s style took buns to the extreme, fitting as many small buns in as possible. Buns are a big hit right now, so who knows… we may be seeing more of this crazy 90’s hairdo in the near future!

90’s hair coming back? “We want it that way…”