Spice up your Style

October 13, 2017

Do you feel like you’re constantly wearing the same hairstyle to every event? I find myself always switching between just curling and straightening my hair. The seasons are changing, so why not change up our hairstyles along with it? But don’t worry, we know it’s hard to come up with new and trendy looks for fall so we are going to help you out and give you a few to try! Trust us, you’ll FALL in love with these…

Slicked-back High Ponytail

This style is not only sleek, but it is so easy and fast to put together...especially with our ponytail pieces! Just take a little hairspray or gel and comb your hair up into a slicked-back high ponytail. Then use one of our hair ponytail pieces, such as the Simply Straight Pony by hairdo, and create a long chic ponytail hairstyle.

Color Tip Ponytail

We’re taking a little twist on the last style and adding a pop of color! Don’t want to permanently dye your natural hair? No big deal, we’ve got the perfect ponytail hair piece in many different color options! Check out the Color Splash Pony by hairdo, there is even some new gorgeous colors for fall! Use this pony low or high, either way it’ll be a stunning style for this season!

Edgy Bangs

Go into fall with a BANG and try a new edgy look with bangs. No need to rush to the hair salon for this style, with our wide variety of gorgeous bang hairpieces, you don’t have to commit to cutting your hair but can still achieve this stunning look. It’s a win-win! Also, another perk of this hairstyle is when one of those pesky pimples pops up on your forehead right before a major event (which I’m sure we all have experienced, and seems to be just our luck), these bangs are a trendy way to hide those little blemishes.

Genie Ponytail

This style is all the rage right now, and is perfect for this season. Claire, one of our Extensions Tribe girls, is sporting this gorgeous look on her night out! She said it was an easy way to turn a boring hairdo into a fun and flirty style. All you need is one of our long ponytail pieces and a few clear rubber bands. All you have to do is put the ponytail piece in and evenly tie the rubber bands down the ponytail, then pull the strands out to give it that poofy genie look.

"My real hair is naturally very short, so I LOVED getting to put in this ponytail piece and rock long hair for the night. I got so many compliments on this hairstyle, some of my friends forgot that I even had short hair since this looked so natural! I will definitely be trying more styles with this piece." - Claire