Summer Hair Repair

August 28, 2017

No one EVER thinks about the damage done to their hair when basking in the sun and enjoying those summer days by the pool...Whether it’s extra UV or drenching our hair in lemon juice, we are all guilty of mistreating our hair a little bit more during the summer months!

Then fall comes around, and you realize your hair is dry, frizzy, and extremely unhealthy. What you may not know is the overexposure to UV rays can actually breakdown the vital proteins in your hair and cause it to turn fragile and dull. The sun can also strip your hair of moisture and leave it with that frizzy and dry feeling I mentioned earlier. So yeah, you may be able to handle the heat, but your hair can’t!

Leyla Milani Extensions

Once your hair is so dry and dead on the ends, it hinders it from growing and giving you the long locks you’re yearning for. Instead, it may end up slowly falling out and thinning...yikes! I know, it’s so not fair that you spent all summer growing out your hair and this is how it repays you! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when your hair gets to the point of no return, your only option is to get a haircut. Don’t freak out because I said the “h word,” haircuts are nothing to dread when you have access to stunning and natural-looking hair extensions. When you cut all of the dead ends off, however many inches that may be, it allows the healthy part of your hair to continue to grow longer. This will make your hair look and feel a million times better than it did after a long summer of sun and lemon juice.

Trust me, even if you think your hair is fine, everyone could use a little summer hair repair. Until your hair grows back to its normal length, put in hair extensions and no one will even know you got a haircut. (They may even think your hair got longer!!) Simply clip in your extensions and style them as you please for all different occasions, and allow your bio hair to grow and rejuvenate in the process. Once your hair is back to its normal length, don’t ditch the extensions quite yet! You can still use them to add gorgeous volume to your natural hair!