Summer Hair Trends | 2018

August 01, 2018

It might be well into the 2018 summer season at this point, but we've still got a whole month left of warm, sunny days! Summer means vacations, relaxation, and best of all... no school! It's the perfect time to experiment with hairstyles that you might be afraid to try during any other time of year. This summer, we've enjoyed watching both celebrities and hair-lovers experiment with fun, summer hairstyles. Here are a few of our favorite Summer 2018 Hair Trends!

Summer Hair Trends

The Bangs & Pony Combo

The Bangs & Pony Combo

Just a few weeks ago, Taylor Swift was seen in New York rocking all denim along with the always in style Bangs and Pony Hairstyle! We love pairing bangs with a pony... perfect for the 'Girl Next Door' look that Taylor Swift is famous for! If you don't have enough hair (or don't want to make the commitment to bangs!), it's not a problem! Just pop on some Clip-In Bangs and wrap around a Pony Hair Piece and you are ready to go! Everyone can be as trendy as Taylor Swift with this summer hairstyle!

The Textured Bob  

Kendall Jenner Textured Bob

Bobs are the perfect summer hairstyle because they keep hair off of your neck, which will help to keep you cool all summer long! Kendall Jenner has rocked all kinds of hairstyles throughout the years, but we can't help but choose her textured bob as our all-time favorite. Bobs come in all different lengths and styles. If this is a hairstyle you are interested in trying, make sure you tell your hairstylist to make sure the cut is textured. If you have always wanted to try this style, but are afraid to make the chop, try a wig! 

Blonde, Blonde, BLONDE!

Blonde Hair

Summer is the perfect time to go blonde. We love the way that the summer sun reflects off of beautiful, naturally highlighted hair. Don't get us wrong... blonde hair is beautiful all year round, but there's something to be said about summer blonde. If you have darker hair, try clipping in some blonde extensions for added dimension. This hair extension method creates a beautiful and natural looking ombre effect... in less than 5 minutes! There are many different kinds of hair extensions, but we love a clip-in set or halo extensions to create ombre hair. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions | Shop All

Like we said before, summer is the perfect time to go outside your comfort bubble and try something new with your hairstyle. Thanks to hair extensions, wigs, and other types of hairpieces, it's now easier than ever to try a new hairstyle. The best part about using alternative hair is that there is no risk factor! That is how celebrities are always changing their look... it's a hollywood secret! So get out there and try something new... and make sure to tag us on instagram with your favorite summer looks. We can't wait to see!

What are your favorite Summer 2018 Hair Trends?

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