The DO's and DON'Ts of Hair Extensions

October 15, 2017


DO research about what type of hair extensions you want. You can choose between human hair or synthetic, and there’s different lengths and shades. Make sure you know what you need before purchasing.

DO clip-in your extensions upside down when pulling your hair into a high ponytail or updo

DO use good products or products made specifically for that type of hair. Stay away from anything with alcohol in it because it will strip and damage the hair. We suggest using any of the BeautiMark Product kits on our website!

DO keep your hair extensions box to store your pieces after use, or purchase a storage bag to help protect them. This will keep them in prime condition and easily allow them to be stored. We love the extensions storage bag and hanger because it allows for easy mobility and protection for the hair!


DON’T be harsh when brushing with your extensions in, as this could cause shedding, and may damage synthetic fiber making it frizzy. Use a good comb or a detangling brush that has nylon bristles. Or, to make it easier, take out your clip ins and then brush your hair like normal. Keep your extensions from tangling by lightly brushing/combing them after every use. We suggest using the Hair Trix Wide Tooth Comb by BeautiMark.

DON’T use high heat on your extensions. Keep your styling tools under 380 degrees for human hair, however we recommend sticking to 350 degrees, the temperature that is safe for heat-friendly synthetic as well as human hair extensions. (Remember, some extensions synthetic extensions may not be heat-friendly! Be sure to you research your hair extensions, before you buy!)

DON’T wash the extensions constantly. Over-washing the hair could dry them out and change the texture of the hair. Since extensions don’t produce oil like our actual scalp does you can stick to washing them around every 2 weeks, or every 5-7 wears.

DON’T shower or swim in them!! (Tangles galore!)


If you follow these simple do's and don'ts you'll extend the life of your extensions and keep them in tip-top shape!