Top Notch Volume with Toppers!

June 16, 2017

Toppers for the save!

Hair Toppers are great for clipping in to the top of the head to add volume to your natural hair. They provide coverage where hair is lost or thinning or just to give some extra oomph to your style!

Top pieces easily give you confidence in your look because you are still you...only the fullness a topper gives you will give you a boost to gorgeous fuller hair!

Allow us to introduce to you the many ways Toppers save!

Hide those Roots!!!

Having trouble getting to the salon? Is the cost of retouching your color every 4-6 weeks becoming too much for your pockets and health of your hair? There’s a topper for that! Use toppers as a protective style to extend the time between salon visits. It is a DIY color solution! Simply apply your topper to freshen your color and protect your hair from constant contact to heat and chemicals. Save time, save money, and most importantly save your hair!



Create a New Color!

Not only can you use toppers to cover roots in order to give the illusion of a color retouch, but you can also use them to create different color techniques to compliment your already existing color. Notice how in her before photos, she is very blonde; however when we added a darker shade on top we achieved a whole new look!


Top Billing by Raquel Welch


Pair your toppers with your favorite set of extensions for more length and volume!


easiPart 18" HH by EasiHair



Add Volume to Your Short Styles!

Toppers are not hair extensions but they can add volume to a short hair cut or change the style by adding a long layer over your current cut.




Bangs Without Commitment!  

Get the bangs you always dreamed of, but couldn’t commit to!  Don't cut just yet...try them out first to see if the change is something you want every day or do you just want to clip them in every once in a while?


Clip-In Topper by Revlon


Hashtag: #SavedByTheTopper

So, you want to try to go in for the save, but not sure about applying the topper yourself?

Here's a How-To for that:


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