Turning Up The Volume On Your Hair!

May 01, 2017

Flat is great for tummies… but not for hair! Volume for fine or thinning hair can be a challenge. There are lots of tips and tricks for getting more volume from your hair if you already have a good amount of hair…Lifting the roots by blow-drying upside down, not using  conditioner on your roots, or use a texturizing spray.  All these things help, but there is not too much you can do when you are dealing with volume-less tresses;( 

Getting bounce and volume is extremely difficult unless…. You add hair!   Yes…. You can add hair to yours to give it that oomph you crave. And, you can do it in a snap!


Volumizer hair pieces are a great way to add full bouncy look to your style.  You don’t have to be born with it.  You can buy it!   Volume hair pieces come in human hair or synthetic hair and are super easy to attach.  They are usually a one or two piece unit and come with a  couple of clips on them to secure to your head right across the middle of your natural hair.  It is important to note that volume pieces are not hair extensions.  Yes, they can give you a little bit of length but are not meant for length as they are designed to beef up your natural look.  To get length and volume we recommend a full set of hair extensions as you will need all over length that a volumizer hair piece will not provide.  So when choosing, make sure to pick a length that is close to your natural hair for best results. 

Keep in mind you will get more volume from a wavy or curly style more so than from straight hair so if you are trying to get more volume, go for body to achieve fullness.  If you choose a synthetic volume piece, make sure your own natural hair matches the texture and curl patter of your volumizer before adding it in.  

If you are wanting to add volume to the top of your head, check out the toppers collection for a great selection of top of the head pieces that add volume and fullness to your part and crown area.  You can wear both a topper and a volumizer for va-voom hair and a fullness that definitely turns heads!

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