Prom Hairstyle Updos

March 21, 2018

Prom is a pretty big deal. You spend weeks planning your evening, dress and shoe shopping, searching for the perfect jewelry, and maybe even purchasing that eyeshadow to match your gorgeous gown. However, there is one imperative aspect of your prom look that simply cannot go unplanned and unprepared; your prom hair updo! Here are some prom hair updos to make sure you’re fully prepared to look drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe on your memorable night.


The Voluminous High Ponytail

Is there anything sexier than a full high pony? We think not. Begin by lightly spritzing texturizing spray onto your hair and then curl the ends of your lengths before pulling your hair back into a tight and high ponytail. Leave any face-framing pieces loose before gently combing back any flyways and spraying them down with hairspray. End by gently teasing your ponytail with a teasing comb and finish off your glam look with a final spritz of hairspray on your ponytail.

However, even if you have the length for this look, you may need some additional help in the volume department. But have no fear, we are here to make sure that your prom hair updo reaches its full potential! Try Aqua by Ellen Wille to create an effortlessly full ponytail and save a ton of time too!

 Aqua by Ellen Wille | Shop

Aqua by Ellen Wille | Shop


The Parted High Chignon

This classic prom updo for long hair is absolutely stunning and easy to achieve. If you have long hair, simply part your hair slightly to the side and sleek in down behind your ears with some hairspray. Twist the length of your hair upward and tie it into a tight knot. Bobby pin any loose pieces and use a teasing comb to volumize your bun by gently inserting the comb into your bun and pulling outward on the hair.

If you don’t have the length to pull off this prom updo for long hair, don’t pass it by. This hair wrap by hairdo is an easy way to effortlessly achieve this prom hair updo regardless of your hair’s length. Did we mention that this hair wrap is super affordable? For under $20.00 you can be the belle of the ball!


Style-a-Do by Hairdo

The Low and Loose Bun

Looking for an effortlessly chic look? Look no further. This low and loose side bun will have everyone at prom wondering how you always seem to look so amazing without even trying! Part your hair down the center and keep your hair loose as you tie it back in a bun at the height of your ears. Take your teasing comb and loosen the bun to your desired fullness. Don’t forget to add a few bobby pins to any areas where hair feels slightly insecure.


Playful | Hair Bun

Playful by easihair


Whether you go bold with a high pony, play it cool with a loose bun, or keep it with classy with high chignon, know that you look simply amazing and don’t forget to have a magical and memorable night- you only go to prom once!