What Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?

January 31, 2019

Short hair, pixie cut, or bob— all such wonderful and beautiful styles that everyone woman strives to have. It can take confidence to pull these looks off, but sometimes it isn’t always the easy. 

For ladies that are new to the short hair scene or are looking for a change, extensions are a hot topic right now thanks to Pinterest and Instagram trends! This has made them something that many women are starting to consider...and for good reason! They are A-mazing!

But if you’ve never worn hair extensions with short hair, it can be quite challenging to implement properly (much different than wearing them with long hair!). So, because it can be a little confusing sometimes, we’ve compiled a short list of the hottest extensions you should keep your eyes out for if you’re a short-haired beauty! So, let’s get starting on achieving the hair of your dreams, and get you rocking your style with a new level of confidence!

Human Hair Clip-in Extensions

Arguably the most popular type of extensions for short hair are human hair clip-ins. This is because clip-ins are extremely easy to apply and often the most inexpensive option for quality hair extensions on the market.

Product shown is 12" easiXtend Professional Human Hair Clip In 

Sometimes, if you've gone a little too short with your cut, all you need is a few inches of length to be rocking some awesome hair again! So you may want to try some that fall just below the shoulders, like easiXtend's 12" clip-ins (shown above). While clip-ins may be difficult the first or second time to apply, they are fairly straightforward and add a beautiful mess of length and thickness to any style (actually, many Remy human hair extensions are also clip-ins).

Product shown is 20" Clip In Hair Extensions by Leyla Milani

The number one complaint about this type of extension is that they can be a little ‘too’ thick and bulky, and don’t always blend properly with women that have short hair because of this. But fear not, all you have to do is choose a set the weighs less than 3.5 ounces! You can find the weight of each product in the description. 

Another option is to buy a set with less pieces. Hair extensions come in sets with varying pieces, 2, 4, 8, or even just a single clip-in. So do some research to make sure that you get the right amount of hair! 

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Product shown is 16" Curl Back Extensions by Hairdo

Synthetic hair extensions are another popular choice among short hair ladies because of how they keep their style, have beautiful colors, and how natural they look! It's also a good idea to be on the lookout for heat-resistant extensions so that you can style them to match your own hair, and go from straight to wavy...always follow your heart ;) 

Because they appear totally invisible where they attach - and blend so effortlessly, they are a popular choice for women that like to wear their new hair up in a fierce high ponytail, without having to worry about your authenticity being compromised (which is a huge plus!). 

Product shown is Long Wave Pony by Hairdo

Synthetic clip-in extensions are also an excellent choice to add volume to your style that stays, without having to load them down with hairspray

Overall, there are many types of hair extensions on the market, so even though it can be a little overwhelming, be reassured that we've got something to perfectly match your style, hair type, and length! So, have fun with it and start experimenting with the many stunning extensions on the market until you find the one that best compliments your natural beauty (and don’t you forget to flaunt it, girl!).