Where Can I Buy Hairdo Extensions?

July 25, 2019

“Color outside the lines,” shouts Hairdo’s bold marketing. It dares you to push the envelope with your style, including your hair extensions. Life is too short for boring hair and hairdo embodies this principle. Customers love hairdo for its user-friendly and gorgeous pieces. The company does it all: extensions, ponytails, and bun wraps. Really, you’d never have to have the same hair twice. Our customers love experimenting with the brand’s fun colors, like the best-selling Color Splash pony.

Pink Ponytail Hairpiece

The aptly named hairdo is owned by its parent company, HairUWear. This industry giant is more than just a catchy name. It was founded in 1968 and celebrated its 50th anniversary last year! HairUWear produces and sells products under 8 different brands, including hairdo and POP by hairdo.

Their design team is a star-studded affair. The Director of Design, Teresa Lane, has been creating pieces for HairUWear for over 16 years. She was actually tapped to develop and create the hairdo line. As a woman with an eye for trends, Lane has consistently created beautiful hairpieces for hairdo.

Where To Buy Hairdo Extensions Online

At Hairextensions.com, we are all big fans of HairUWear and hairdo. This is why we proudly sell their products! If you’re new to hairdo extensions, or just looking for a new piece to shake things up, check out our favorite hairdo picks below.

16” Curl Back Extension (1 Piece)

 Curl Back Hair Extension by Hairdo

Curl away! If your hair is anything like mine, it can’t hold a curl for longer than 10 minutes. Luckily, a synthetic extension holds curl indefinitely. For eternal curl, try this new 2019 addition from hairdo. This synthetic hair extension comes pre-curled with just the slightest of bounce. You wear this piece clipped in temple-to-temple for instant volume and layers. If you want even more curl, go right ahead! This heat-friendly synthetic can handle temperatures below 350 degrees.

18” Human Hair Highlight Extensions (1 Piece)


This extension is amazing. It truly embodies hairdo’s promise of “no commitment, no damage.” Maybe you’ve been considering some highlights, but aren’t sure if you can rock the look. This 18” human hair extension gives you the look of highlights in a snap, without having to visit the salon. You just need to section off your hair, lift the top part, and secure the pressure sensitive clips below. You can get this piece in 13 salon-inspired colors.

18” Remy Human Hair Extension Kit (10 Pieces)

If the “10 pieces” part of the title intimidates you, don’t freak out. 10 pieces may seem like a lot, but it ensures a natural-looking volume. You don’t even have to use all the pieces. If six of the wefts give you the hair of your dreams, no need to add more! These extensions are 100% certified Remy human hair, so you know it’s the best of the best. It comes out of the box straight, but you can style it just like your own hair.