Wild & Free Festival Hairstyles

November 02, 2017

Festivals are all the RAVE right now, and they give girls a chance to show off their trendiest outfits. If you’re going to have the perfect outfit, your hair will need to match too! This isn’t the time to hold back, festivals are when you can go the extra mile and rock fun and flirty hairstyles like these.

Half-up half-down double braids

This style is both easy and trendy! Start by parting your hair down the middle and adding in extensions to give you longer and thicker hair. Then take the top half of your hair and split it into two sections. Begin french braiding each section (make sure you do it tightly so it stays while you’re dancing the night away) and then stop once you get to the back edge of the top of your head. Use small clear rubber bands to secure each braid and let the rest fall into a small pony. Lastly, curl the bottom part of your hair as well as the ends of the braid. To make this look even more spunky, add some glitter and sparkles in the middle of your part!

Double buns

You’ll surely have the most festival fun with these double buns! These buns are perfect for festivals because not only are they very fashion forward but they’ll keep your hair off of your neck in that typical festival heat. This fun hairstyle is very easy, especially with our bun pieces on our website. Simply split your hair down the middle and pull back into two small buns. Then use 2 Ballerina Buns by Revlon to ensure the perfect sized and styled space buns. Pull out some pieces of hair in the front to frame your face and add a little glitter and you're ready to dance wild & free at the festival.

Genie ponies

Genie ponies are the new trend that has made it’s debut in the hair world, and we are absolutely loving it. Now for festivals, you’ll want to take this style up a notch so we recommend doing two ponies instead of one! Part your hair down the middle and pull each section back into a side ponytail. Then equally section off your ponytails with clear rubber bands all the way down. Pull each section out a little to create small bubbles for the perfect genie ponies! Of course, you can always add some glitter for that festival touch! If you feel your hair isn't long enough for this style, don't rule it out just yet! Try our ponytail pieces to get the perfect long ponies to create this genie hairstyle. 

Colored strips

Festivals are your chance to add some fun and spunk to your hair, so why not add some pops of color? If you don’t want to permanently dye your hair, no worries, we’ve got the perfect Color Strip Extensions by hairdo. These strips are single clips so they can be mixed and matched with many different colors, and can be put into any hairstyle such as braids, ponytails, and fishtails. This model is wearing the Color Strip Extensions in Blue.