Workout hair, do you dare?

August 02, 2017

When my alarm goes off at the crack of dawn and I’m glaring at my bed head in the mirror, I always debate with myself, is it worth it to do my hair to go workout? I go back and forth between “no one will notice me” and “but what if I see that cute redhead in spin again?” Then I realized, who says you can’t be fit AND fabulous? Just because you’re at the gym doesn’t mean you should completely disregard your appearance, people still notice you! I know you think I’m lying but no matter how inconspicuous you try to be with your headphones firmly planted in your ears, people will always notice you at the gym. Trust me, I’ve tried hiding in the back gym with the lights dimmed but every time I leave that room drenched in sweat and step into the light, it feels like all eyes point straight to my chaotic bun.

Don’t let this freak you out, we have the perfect solution to have you feeling confident in seconds….hair extensions! Now before you roll your eyes and close out of this page, don’t believe the myths that you can’t wear hair extensions when working out. With the super simple and proper installation, your clip-ins can handle any range of intense cardio. Seriously, try running, pilates, even intensity and HIIT, these babies won’t budge. Expert tip: if you’re doing a high updo try putting in your extensions upside down so they lay smoother when you pull up your hair.

Here are some “gym hairstyle gems” that utilize extensions and are quick and easy, look amazing, and won’t interfere with your workout.


Sleek straight pony

Don’t you hate it when you pull your hair up into a ponytail and it feels like you lose 5 inches of it? Turn that short stubby pony into long gorgeous locks by adding a few extensions to your ponytail. Expert tip: Leave a piece of hair out to wrap around the ponytail holder to hide it and create a more glamorous look. By doing that, this look can be worn straight to the office after you kick butt at the gym!


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Single and double french braids 

For you ladies who don’t like the feeling of a ponytail, try braiding your extensions into your hair with a traditional single french braid or the trendy new double french braids to create that long gorgeous and sporty look. These looks are just what you need for capturing that perfect #gymselfie.


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Twisted top knot 

My hair is so thin that when I try to put it in a bun it ends up looking more like a sad deflated balloon. If you have fine hair like me, extensions will be your lifesaver. Use your clip-ins to add volume and thickness to your hair and then twist it into that perfect voluptuous top knot. This style will also keep your hair secure and off your back when working out.


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The best part of all of this is that you can transfer these workout hairstyles straight to office hair without doing a thing. I clipped in my favorite extension ponytail and had a sleek look in seconds. I went to my usual Total Body class and after the pushups, mountain climbers, and even those pesky burpees we all hate, my pony looked picture perfect. Not only did I feel more confident while working out, but it looked so good afterwards that I ended up keeping it the exact same for work. It saved me so much time and stress in the morning I will never debate doing my hair for the gym again. So now after getting these tips and tricks, when someone asks “workout hair, do you dare?” you’ll say “bring it on.”