Your Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Wig

October 15, 2018

If you haven’t already, it’s time to break out the pink. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the latest way that women are showing their support for the cause is by wearing a pink breast cancer awareness wig. If you’re wanting to learn more about how inspire the women in your community by wearing a pink wig, keep reading (and don’t forget to have some fun!).

Product shown is Pinky Promise by HAIRDO

Pink Wigs

Even if your ideal style is a bold fuchsia or a subtle shade of cotton candy, pink wigs are this decade’s answer to the pink ribbon pin. We’ve seen a rise in interest in unconventional hair color from our social media outlets and favorite celebrities, and it’s played a key part in helping the pink wig movement take off. Plus, there’s no better way to try out that mermaid hair trend completely hassle-free as you help raise awareness. If you’re looking for an amazing pink wig to try out this breast cancer awareness month, check out our heat style-friendly Pinky Promise Synthetic WigIt’s the perfect wig to complement your everyday look, and we love how this hairstyle’s shadowy roots give dimension to its’ pastel rose tone.

Breast Cancer Awareness

At hairextensions.com, Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that is very close to our hearts as many of our beloved clients are cancer survivors or going through chemo therapy in various stages of cancer. We’re honored that we get to be a part in their journey, and their stories continue to astound us, reigniting our passion for what we do.

We recognize that the diagnosis, treatment and fight for the cure is different for each woman, and we continue to support those affected by breast cancer and their families on their path to recovery. It is with our most sincere love for our clients and all who are battling breast cancer that we encourage you to wear your pink wig during breast cancer awareness and to be a source of hope and light for your community.

Pink Wigs for Breast Cancer

Remember when wearing your pink wig, to tell others why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for. Whether it's for your mother, sister, or those who may need support in the community, we know it will make you a style star and inspire other women to take on the trend too. While there are many big campaigns and movements to raise awareness, we believe that your everyday encouragement is just as important. From your daily coffee run or casual Fridays, we know that there’s no better time or place to show off your spirited pink wig.

Product shown is Peachy Keen by HAIRDO

Stay Prepared!

Ready to shop the latest styles in wigs? Check out a few of our favorites on hairextensions.com and personalize the way that you raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Don’t forget part of Breast Cancer Awareness is practicing early detection, and aside from pink hair we think there’s nothing more on-trend than a monthly self-examination!