Have Yourself A Merry Little Headband

December 04, 2018

After constant exposure to freezing cold temperatures and rain, sleet, and snow, even the shiniest locks and most perfectly styled manes can look limp and dull. I know my own hair starts looking pretty drab in the dead of winter. You shouldn’t feel hopeless about your hair, though—there’s an easy remedy! The right braided headband hairpiece can completely reinvigorate and enliven your style.

Product shown is Thick Braid Headband by Hairdo

Experiment with one of these four unique pieces this winter, and enjoy the ensuing slew of compliments at holiday parties!

Thick Braid

Whether you’re tired of styling your thick mane or you’ve wanted thicker hair all your life (I’m in the second category), this super cute Christie Brinkley braided headband hairpiece can solve so many of your winter hairstyling woes. It’s perfect for a casual Sunday stroll in the snow, or even as a wedding hairpiece headband to accent your look as you walk down the aisle.

Product shown is Thick Braid Headband by Christie Brinkley

People will be so impressed with your braiding ability—and who says you have to tell your secret? This band can flatter any hair length or style, and is available in a wide variety of unique colors and shades. For those late night holiday parties where you want a more dramatic style, try POP by Hairdo’s jumbo braid. If you’re a blonde, try my preferred buttered toast blend for a particularly eye-catching look!

Fishtail Braid

If you’re looking for a chic blonde hairpiece headband, this Christie Brinkley band is a safe bet! Available in multiple blonde shades, you could either match your own shade of blonde or make a statement with a contrasting tint.

Porduct shown is Fishtail Headband by Christie Brinkley

The flexible band can also stretch or shrink to match the size of your head. For brunettes, I’d recommend Hairdo’s classic headband. This style is closer to the simple fishtail you might have endeavored (and often failed) to create during your grade school days. Whichever you choose, both of these fishtail styles can be worn behind bangs or across your forehead.

Double Braid

During the winter, the last thing you want to do is worry about your hairstyle holding up in the weather. Embrace your inner woodland nymph with this relaxed double braided hairband!

Product shown is Double Braided Headband by Christie Brinkley

This light, fairy-tale style will look stunning regardless of whether it’s sleeting or snowing, and will help keep your hair in place in even the fiercest of winds. If you’re looking for a more formal double braid, try this elegant version by Hairdo!

Product shown is Double Braided Hairband by Hairdo
French Braid

Even the best hair stylist can have trouble making a perfect French braid. Why not skip the trouble with a ready-to-wear headband? Hairdo’s stunning french braid headband will have you turning heads this winter.

Product shown is French Braid Band by Hairdo

Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may want to double up and grab two of these headbands to achieve full accent potential. And if you’re a fan of vintage Hollywood hairstyling, I’d also try this headband with a full set of bangs—you’ll find yourself channeling Audrey Hepburn at holiday parties!