Perfect Mermaid Hair with Human Hair Extensions

January 22, 2017

Mermaid Hair is making a big splash on the scene these days.  Does anyone remember the movie SPLASH with Daryl Hannah?  She was likely the original mermaid vixen to bring attention to this sexy long hair style. This styles sent shock waves (yes.. pun intended;) through the hair industry.  However, it is a super-hot trend right now and will be a go-to style this summer!

Mermaid Hair Style | Daryl Hannah

But how do you get that gorgeous mermaid-inspired look if you only have hair of mere mortals?  Human hair extensions are your answer.  With full long locks, you can mimic the motion of the ocean with a little styling product and a curling iron…. Of course, it is important to have the right hair extensions. 

Now, you can achieve this look with hair that is as short as shoulder length.  We don’t recommend trying it with hair any shorter than your shoulders.  But don’t worry… hair extensions will get anyone to the length they desire.  We went for the dramatic to give you the picture perfect mermaid-style wave.  One thing to keep in mind… for this look, you don’t want to create curly hair.  You want to create waves!  If you like what you see here, we will help you get it.  It is super easy. Creating a hairstyle like this one is a whole lot easier than it looks and takes much less time than you would think. So let’s go!


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    To get the look we used:

    • 20” inch 10pc hairdo extension kit. (we used all of it!) 
    • a ½ inch curling iron to create the small waves.
    • flex hold hair spray to set the curl

    To get the most authentic Mer-goddess look, part your hair down the middle.  we styled the hair as we were putting in the wefts so your natural hair is integrated best. Don’t forget to leave the ends out and not curl the last half inch or so… you want channel Mermaid… not Poodle;)



    If your natural hair is straight, make sure you put a curl enhancing product in your hair to get as much wave in to your hair before applying the extensions.  This will help your hair keep up the human hair extensions and stay just as wavy.  However, if you need a more cost effective way (and human hair extensions are not in your budget this month) you can buy synthetic extensions which are already wavy. You may not get the exact wave in your natural hair to match… but it is a solution to a tight budget in a pinch;)

    Already have naturally curly hair?  All you need to do is use a little product to help you define and relax your curls to create more of a wave rather than a curl.   Whether you need curl taming cream to straighten out tighter curls or a curl defining mousse to help add definition and structure to your existing loose curls, all you need is just a bit of product to get you perfected and ready!

    Don’t be afraid to try a warm copper or gorgeous red tint to lean more towards Ariel in The Little Mermaid.  You can play with color by using a color depositing shampoo to give your hair a temporary red tint… a gorgeous blue or a few different shades of blue (make sure you use tint that will wash out for most versatility) on the extensions only.  This will give you a great color splash throughout your hair!

    To complete the look we made sure the makeup was fresh and shimmery.  Remember…. A little shimmer goes a long way.  For that dewy just out of the ocean look, apply your shimmer on your lids, cheekbones and chin. 


    Hairdo | 20" Human Hair Clip In Extensions

    Once you have created the look you want you can also experiment with different hair dos.  Textured hair is so much fun to play with!  Try adding a braid or ponytail.  You can bring your hair in to a variety of up dos.  The possibilities are endless!









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