Ways to Get Longer Lasting Curls

December 01, 2017

Let Them Cool

When curling your hair and even your extensions, it is very important to let them cool before you release the curl. A way to do this is to curl each piece and then clip the coil up and allow it to cool for 5-15 minutes. By doing this, it ensures that the curl will stay in place and it will last a lot longer!

Quality Curling Spray or Mousse

If you know you will be curling your hair, apply mousse to your damp hair after you shower. The mousse will remove moisture from your hair and will give it the texture it needs to hold the perfect long-lasting curl. You will also want to invest in a quality hair spray because you should use it both before AND after you curl your hair. If you are curling your synthetic extensions, we suggest using the Style & Hold Hairspray by BeautiMark because it is made specifically for that type of hair. Before you take the hot iron tool to your hair, spritz your whole head with hairspray to give it extra grittiness which aids in keeping a curl. Then, once you’ve curled the piece give it another spritz after you’ve allowed it to cool to hold the style in place.

Prevent Damage

Unfortunately, damaged hair just doesn’t hold a curl, so ensuring that you take care of your hair beforehand is vital to making your curls last longer. Two ways to do this is by using a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant spray. The leave-in conditioner will keep your hair strong and looking great while the heat protectant spray will defend your hair from any damage the curling iron could put on it. For your bio hair or human hair extensions, try the Leave-In Spray for Human Hair by BeautiMark. For your synthetic extensions, use the Leave-In Conditioner for Synthetic Hair by BeautiMark and Heat Treat Thermal Spray by Jon Renau.

Curl without Heat

Avoid damaging your hair at all by skipping the hot curling iron all together! Great news, you can get gorgeous curls without putting any heat on your hair. We dedicated a whole blog to different ways to get stunning heatless curls called Lazy Girl's Guide to Curls. Many of these procedures allow you to leave them overnight which can help your curls last even longer!